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100228 136 
 A bride climbing a fancy stairwell lit from the front revealing her veils detail. 
 Keywords: Bride on stairs, Oxford Town Hall, wedding, celebration, party, reception, civil ceremony, veil, great lighting.

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 A white flower Wreath on the front of a Red London Bus. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flower heart, London bus, grill, white ribbon, red, white flowers, ceremony, celebration.
090815 144 
 A Bride and Groom kissing at the end of a London Bus. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Couple kissing, Red London bus, romance, summer, ceremony, celebration, love.
100604 046 
 Floral display at a wedding in a mullioned window. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flower display, mullion window, stained glass, celebration, ceremony.
100604 047 
 Rows of decorated chairs at a wedding with yellow ribbons. 
 Keywords: Wedding, white chair covers, yellow ribbons , celebration, hotel, civil ceremony.
100604 048 
 Rows of decorated chairs at a wedding and red carpet. 
 Keywords: Wedding, covered chairs , yellow ribbons, civil ceremony,red carpet, celebration, flower dislay.
100612 033 
 A pair of cream wedding shoes and tiara. 
 Keywords: Wedding, shoes, tiara, creme shoes, celebration, ceremony, summer.
100612 055 
 A girl holding a just married sign. 
 Keywords: Wedding, just married sign, girls legs, celebration, ceremony, phone.
100612 071 
 A Bride stood on a staircase gazing out of the window. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride on stairs, monochrome, ceremony, summer, celebration, dress, bouquet.
100612 153 
 A bride and groom walking towards a lake hand in hand. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride and groom walking, lake, countryside, summer, ceremony, celebration, romance.
100703 006 
 A pair of red Chinese wedding shoes in the sun. 
 Keywords: Wedding Shoes, Chinese Wedding, Red, Sunshine, Shadows.celebration, ceremony,
100703 007 
 A bride holding lucky red envelopes at a Chinese wedding. 
 Keywords: Chinese Wedding, red envelopes, Wedding Dress, hands, celebration, summer, lucky, nails, manicure.ceremony.
100703 159 
 A littleflower girls shoes sat on a chest of draws. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flower girl shoes, table top, ceremony, celebration, summer, cute.
100703 163 
 A little girl running away along a wooden floor. 
 Keywords: Wedding, little girl walking away, stately home, celebration, ceremony, summer, cuteness.
100703 277 
 A Bride and Groom kissing in a doorway in silhouette. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride and groom, silhouette, doorway, holding hands, wedding dress, morning suit, romance, ceremony, celebration.monochrome.
110723 151 
 A Bride and Her father waiting to enter the Church. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Bride and Father, Monochrome, love, ceremony, celebration, Church, emotion, big day.
110723 175 
 A Classic White Jaguar car decked out with white Wedding ribbons. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Classic Jaguar Car, Monochrome, White ribbons, celebration, emotion, love, ceremony.
110723 240 
 A Bride and Groom walking out into the sunlight from their reception. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Bride and Groom, Monochrome, ceremony, romance, emotion, love, Reception venue, summer.
110723 248 
 A bridesmaids bouquet sat on a table at the Rception. 
 Keywords: Wedding, white bouquet, soft drink, table, romance, emotion, ceremony, flowers, silver butterflies.
110820 070 
 A Wedding guest holding the Order of Service at a Summer Wedding. 
 Keywords: Wedding, usher, hands, order of service, ring box, ceremony, love, emotion, summer.
110820 090 
 A BMW decked out with Wedding ribbons. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Bmw car, white ribbon, ceremony, transport, wedding car, summer, emotion, love.
110820 095 
 A lady holding button holes at a summer Wedding. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flowers, button holes, summer, ceremony, emotion, Church yard.
110903 202 
 Two boys play fighting at a wedding. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Two boys, grass, fun, fighting, ceremony, best clothes, leaves, eotion, lifestyle, play.
110903 287 
 An entertainer at a Wedding, playing the guitar outside. 
 Keywords: Wedding, guitar, hands, music, outside, acoustic guitar, entertainment, wedding singer, ceremony
120825 102 
 A wedding cake and wedding bouquet on a table. 
 Keywords: Wedding flowers, wedding cake, tiers, colourful, ceremony, food, sweet, ribbon, icing, summer, celebration, table, white cloth.
IMG 0171 
 A Bride talking to a bridesmaid through some flowers at her Wedding. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Bride, flowers, people, Wedding guests, summer, emotion, love, ceremony. colourful.
IMG 2772 
 A hotel room all laid out for a wedding ceremony. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Chair covers, Yellow ribbons, civil ceremony, historic building.
IMG 2773 
 A Hotel room set up for a wedding ceremony with seat covers and bows. 
 Keywords: Wedding ceremony, white chair covers, yellow ribbons, flower arrangement, mullion windows, historic building.
IMG 7295 
 A bridesmaid having her dress adjusted on the wedding day. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Pink dress, bridesmaid, ribbon, adjustments, celebration, ceremony, bridal preparations.
IMG 7346 
 A bridesmaid being helped to get ready on the wedding day in a beautiful pink dress. 
 Keywords: Wedding, pink dress, bridesmaids, bridal preparations, ribbons, ceremony, summer.
IMG 9640 
 Lavender lying on a Church floor waiting to be stood on to release the scent. 
 Keywords: Church, lavender, transept, scent, wedding, religion, flowers, ceremony, flora and fauna.
IMG 9712 
 A bride at her wedding holding her bouquet. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bouquet, white roses, romance, love, ceremony, flowers, lavender, hands.
IMG 9715 
 A lady guest at a summer wedding holding a silver bag. 
 Keywords: Wedding, guest, silver handbag, blue floral dress, hands, ceremony, love, emotion, summer. Lady.
 Two wedding bouquet's sat on a purple chair. 
 Keywords: Flowers, bouquet, wedding, chairs, colour, church, celebration, nature, ceremony, nature, flora

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