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Various flowers
100624 001 
 A pink flowering Dianthus. 
 Keywords: Dianthus, (carthusianorum) pink flower, soft focus.
100624 002 
 A flowering aconitum. 
 Keywords: Aconitum, lycoc vulparia, green/yellow plant
100624 003 
 A Cirsium Rivulare head with a shallow depth of field. 
 Keywords: Cirsium, rivulare, Atropurpureum, pink flower.
100624 004 
 A Cirsium Rivulare head. 
 Keywords: Cirsium, rivulare Atropurpureum pink flower, thistle family
100624 005 
 A close up of a Cirsium Rivulare head. 
 Keywords: Cirsium, rivulare atropurpureum, pink flower, thistle like.
100624 006 
 A purple flowering Salvia. 
 Keywords: Salvia, nemerosa Ostfriesland, purple flower, summer.
100624 007 
 A flowering Centranthus. 
 Keywords: Centranthus, ruber, red flower, summer.
100624 008 
 A white flowering Ligusticum. 
 Keywords: Ligusticum, lucidum, white flower, summer bloom.
100624 009 
 A pink flowering Cirsium close up. 
 Keywords: Cirsium, rivulare Atropurpureum, pink flower, thistle like.
100624 010 
 A colourful Flowering Salvia in purple. 
 Keywords: Salvia, nemerosa, Ostfriesland, purple flower, summer.
100624 011 
 Purple flowering Sedum. 
 Keywords: Sedum, Purple Emperor, purple flower, Summer flower.
100624 012 
 A pink flowering Dianthus carthusianorum. 
 Keywords: Dianthus, carthusianorum, pink flower, summer flower.
100624 013 
 A yello flowering Anthemis tinctoria in full bloom. 
 Keywords: Anthemis, tinctoria, E C Buxton, Yellow flower, Summer bloom.
100624 014 
 A yellow flowering Anthemis Tinctoria in full bloom. 
 Keywords: Anthemis, tinctoria, E C Buxton, Yellow flower, Summer bloom.
100624 015 
 A pink flowering Dianthus head. 
 Keywords: Dianthus, Devon Wizard, pink flower, summer.
100624 016 
 A Romneya Coulteri head in full bloom. 
 Keywords: Romneya Coulteri, White flower with yellow head, Summer.
100625 017 
 A Romneya head in monochrome. 
 Keywords: Romneya, Coulteri, White flower with yellow head, monochrome.
100625 018 
 A beautiful Yellow Romneya Head. 
 Keywords: Romneya, coulteri, White flower yellow head, summer, Close up.
100625 019 
 A colourful Yellow Romneya head. 
 Keywords: Romneya, Coulteri, White flower yellow head, close up, summer.
100625 020 
 A Romneya head in monochrome. 
 Keywords: Romneya, Coulteri, White flower yellow head, Monochrome, summer, Close up.
100625 021 
 A white and purple flowering paeonia. 
 Keywords: Paeonia, lact. Bowl of beauty, purple and white flower, Summer.
100625 022 
 White flowering paeonia head. 
 Keywords: Paeonia, lact, Festiva Maxima, White and purple flower, macro shot, summer.
100625 024 
 Paeonia head in bright spring sunlight. 
 Keywords: Paeonia, lact, bowl of beauty, White and purple flower, summer.
100625 025 
 Two spiky Allium heads only with a blurred background. 
 Keywords: Allium, christophii, spiky flower, summer.
100625 028 
 A pink Dianthus in spring sunlight. 
 Keywords: Dianthus, Doris, Pink flower, summer.
100625 029 
 A pink Dianthus in full bloom. 
 Keywords: Dianthus, Doris, pink flower, summer, macro.
IMG 0438 
 A blue cornflower in beautiful spring sunlight. 
 Keywords: Blue Cornflower, beautiful light, summer, Greenery, flower.
IMG 2909 
 A pink rose in front of an old stone building 
 Keywords: Pink Rose, Old building, Hornton stone, History, flower, greenery.

People (2 files)

110730 170 
 A groom reclining in an old MG sports car with his legs hanging over the door. 
 Keywords: Wedding, groom, Mg sports car, vintage car, red car, legs hanging over door, white ribbons, flowers, humour.celebration, civil partnership, hotel, summer.
IMG 3037 
 A small bridesmaid stood next to the bride lit by the warm summer sun. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bridesmaid, white dress, small girl, monochrome, summer, sunshine, flower, ribbons.celebration.

Places (1 file)

100 1544 
 Two beautiful cottages and cobbled streets in Clovelly, North Devon. 
 Keywords: Clovelly, North Devon, cottages, houses, fishing village, flowers, colourful, seaside, summer, sunshine.

Various (28 files)

090815 017 
 A white flower Wreath on the front of a Red London Bus. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flower heart, London bus, grill, white ribbon, red, white flowers, ceremony, celebration.
100521 038 
 A Bride and Groom kissing through a flower display. 
 Keywords: Wedding, couple kissing, flowers, romance, love, summer, celebration.
100521 094 
 A bridal flower bouquet and champagne glasses. 
 Keywords: wedding, Champagne, glasses, bouquet, celebration, flowers.
100604 046 
 Floral display at a wedding in a mullioned window. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flower display, mullion window, stained glass, celebration, ceremony.
100604 048 
 Rows of decorated chairs at a wedding and red carpet. 
 Keywords: Wedding, covered chairs , yellow ribbons, civil ceremony,red carpet, celebration, flower dislay.
100612 028 
 A bouquet of wedding flowers. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flowers, white, bouquet, celebration, summer.
100703 012 
 A beautiful bridal bouquet with red flowers. 
 Keywords: Wedding Bouquet, Red Flowers, Chinese Wedding, Brides Hand. summer, hand, floral, decoration.
100703 159 
 A littleflower girls shoes sat on a chest of draws. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flower girl shoes, table top, ceremony, celebration, summer, cute.
100731 016 
 A groom's button hole at a wedding. 
 Keywords: Grooms Button hole, White flower,floral, nature, wedding, celebration, male, human,suit,
100731 017 
 Floral decoration in a Church at a wedding. 
 Keywords: Wedding Flowers, church, White flowers, Dark wood surround.
110723 248 
 A bridesmaids bouquet sat on a table at the Rception. 
 Keywords: Wedding, white bouquet, soft drink, table, romance, emotion, ceremony, flowers, silver butterflies.
110730 032 
 Four bridal bouquets in a box stand. 
 Keywords: Wedding bouquets, display, flower arrangement, Bridal preparations.
110820 095 
 A lady holding button holes at a summer Wedding. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flowers, button holes, summer, ceremony, emotion, Church yard.
110902 014 
 A teddy Bear holding a purple flower. 
 Keywords: Teddy Bear, child, toy, cuddly, purple flower, wedding, celebration, settee, sofa
110903 167 
 A bridal bouquet on the bonnet of a Classic Alvis Car. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Alvis Car, Metallic blue, White Ribbon, flowers, wedding bouquet, summer, love, emotion, travel, car, motoring.
120825 102 
 A wedding cake and wedding bouquet on a table. 
 Keywords: Wedding flowers, wedding cake, tiers, colourful, ceremony, food, sweet, ribbon, icing, summer, celebration, table, white cloth.
130505 178 
 A bouquet of purple flowers on the top table at a wedding. 
 Keywords: Flowers, bouquet, wedding, colourful, celebration, top table, flora, fauna, nature, summer.
130505 179 
 Pink Carnation button holes in a basket at a wedding. 
 Keywords: Flowers, button hole, wedding, basket, pink, straw, celebration, groom, summer, flora, fauna, nature.
IMG 0171 
 A Bride talking to a bridesmaid through some flowers at her Wedding. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Bride, flowers, people, Wedding guests, summer, emotion, love, ceremony. colourful.
IMG 1597 
 A young girl lying amongst the flowers, dreaming in the summer. 
 Keywords: Little girl lying in flowers, Summer, flowers, Little girl sleeping, pussy cat shirt, cute, blonde girl, Greenery.
IMG 2723 
 A flower display for a wedding in a mullion window. 
 Keywords: Flower display, Mullion window, old building, history, stained glass, wedding.
IMG 2773 
 A Hotel room set up for a wedding ceremony with seat covers and bows. 
 Keywords: Wedding ceremony, white chair covers, yellow ribbons, flower arrangement, mullion windows, historic building.
IMG 3347 
 Orange poppies in a field against a white sky 
 Keywords: Orange poppies, flowers, fauna, summer, sunshine, sky, greenery, beautiful, foliage.
IMG 7403 
 A wedding bouquet with pink carnations on a front door. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flower wreath, front door, pink flowers, carnations, wooden door.
IMG 8768 
 A pretty blonde girl posing and lifting her skirt. 
 Keywords: Girl, Late teens, Attractive, beautiful, young, high heels. fashion, flower top, dyed blonde . human.
IMG 9640 
 Lavender lying on a Church floor waiting to be stood on to release the scent. 
 Keywords: Church, lavender, transept, scent, wedding, religion, flowers, ceremony, flora and fauna.
IMG 9712 
 A bride at her wedding holding her bouquet. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bouquet, white roses, romance, love, ceremony, flowers, lavender, hands.
 Two wedding bouquet's sat on a purple chair. 
 Keywords: Flowers, bouquet, wedding, chairs, colour, church, celebration, nature, ceremony, nature, flora

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