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Flowers (3 files)

Various flowers
100625 017 
 A Romneya head in monochrome. 
 Keywords: Romneya, Coulteri, White flower with yellow head, monochrome.
100625 020 
 A Romneya head in monochrome. 
 Keywords: Romneya, Coulteri, White flower yellow head, Monochrome, summer, Close up.
100625 023 
 Paeonia in monochrome lit by the spring sunshine. 
 Keywords: Paeonia, lact, Bowl of Beauty, monochrome, summer.

People (3 files)

100703 215 
 A bride looking out of the window on her wedding day in a grand hotel. 
 Keywords: Bride, monochrome, Ardington House, Oxfordshire, wedding, celebration, wedding dress, veil, window, curtains, summer, bedroom.
100703 216 
 A bride looking out of the window on her wedding day in a grand hotel. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride, window, celebration, monochrome, wedding dress, white, curtains, fisheye lens.
IMG 3037 
 A small bridesmaid stood next to the bride lit by the warm summer sun. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bridesmaid, white dress, small girl, monochrome, summer, sunshine, flower, ribbons.celebration.

Places (1 file)

110823 028 
 The sea defence wall on Swansea Beach in Wales. 
 Keywords: Swansea, Wales, beach, railings, sea defences, monochrome, summer, sunshine, travel.

Various (24 files)

090801 035 
 A bride looking out of a window on her wedding day. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride, waiting, monochrome, mirror, bouquets, wedding dress, window, celebration, summer.
100411 014 
 A terrier puppy looking very serious. 
 Keywords: Terrier, monochrome, dog, animal, cute.
100612 001 
 A pair of wedding shoes placed on a wedding dress. 
 Keywords: Wedding shoes, wedding dress, monochrome, celebration, summer.
100612 029 
 A pair of wedding shoes sat on a wedding dress. 
 Keywords: wedding, shoes, wedding dress, monochrome, celebration, summer.
100612 071 
 A Bride stood on a staircase gazing out of the window. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride on stairs, monochrome, ceremony, summer, celebration, dress, bouquet.
100703 277 
 A Bride and Groom kissing in a doorway in silhouette. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride and groom, silhouette, doorway, holding hands, wedding dress, morning suit, romance, ceremony, celebration.monochrome.
100703 281 
 A bride leaving a Stately home helped by a bridesmaid. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride and bridesmaid, holding wedding dress, monochrome, doorway, summer, celebration.veil, champagne glasses.
110723 139 
 A Bride walking down a Country lane with her Bridesmaids. 
 Keywords: Bride holding dress, bridesmaids, wedding, celebration, summer, monochrome, summer, pretty dress.
110723 151 
 A Bride and Her father waiting to enter the Church. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Bride and Father, Monochrome, love, ceremony, celebration, Church, emotion, big day.
110723 175 
 A Classic White Jaguar car decked out with white Wedding ribbons. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Classic Jaguar Car, Monochrome, White ribbons, celebration, emotion, love, ceremony.
110723 240 
 A Bride and Groom walking out into the sunlight from their reception. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Bride and Groom, Monochrome, ceremony, romance, emotion, love, Reception venue, summer.
110821 013 
 Boats moored in Swansea Marina, Wales with the tower in the distance. 
 Keywords: Wales, Swansea Marina, summer, travel, boats, masts, sunshine, evening, sailing, water, holidays.monochrome.
110822 017 
 Small sailing boats off Mumbles Harbour, Wales. 
 Keywords: Wales, Mumbles Harbour, boats monochrome, travel, sails, summer, holidays, tide out
110822 090 
 A concrete sea defence wall and steps with strong diagonal pattern at the seaside. 
 Keywords: Concrete Patterns, Monochrome, stone, symmetry, steps, beach, diagonal patterns.
110826 160 
 Close up image of rocky out crop in monochrome. 
 Keywords: Rock formation, monochrome, natural rock, rough surface, patterns.
110827 060 
 An old wooden gate with rusty cast iron hinges. 
 Keywords: Wooden gate, old wood, iron hinges, monochrome, narled wood.
110827 061 
 A very old rusted iron hook and key against an old wood background. 
 Keywords: Old metal hook, old wood monochrome, aged, rusty metal, history.
110827 062 
 An old wooden door with a cast iron handle. 
 Keywords: Old iron handle, rusty, woodworm, monochrome, history, grainy.
110827 063 
 A very old traditionally woven whicker fence. 
 Keywords: Whicker fence, history, Wales, fence, pen, monochrome.
110827 068 
 A very old wooden door with a Z shaped brace. 
 Keywords: Window shutter, Wood, monochrome, Wales, Historic, Z frame.
110827 069 
 A very old wooden door with circular cast iron handle. 
 Keywords: Wooden door, iron handle, old, history, monochrome, rivets, rusty handle.
IMG 2406 
 An old lady deep in thought and contemplation. 
 Keywords: Old lady in contemplation, pensioner, senior citizen, monochrome, white haired, old age, retirement.
IMG 2818 
 A monochrome picture of sun ripened corn. 
 Keywords: Monochrome, Ripened corn, summer, farming, countryside, food, crops, golden corn, staff of life
IMG 2964 
 A Bride and Groom walking away from their Reception holding hands. 
 Keywords: Wedding, Bride and Groom, monochrome, chandelier, reception, hand in hand, chatting, love, emotion, marriage, dress.

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