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100703 215 
 A bride looking out of the window on her wedding day in a grand hotel. 
 Keywords: Bride, monochrome, Ardington House, Oxfordshire, wedding, celebration, wedding dress, veil, window, curtains, summer, bedroom.
100703 216 
 A bride looking out of the window on her wedding day in a grand hotel. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride, window, celebration, monochrome, wedding dress, white, curtains, fisheye lens.
IMG 2977 
 A bride lying in a classic car with her feet out of the window showing off her heels. 
 Keywords: Wedding, classic car, Alvis, bride, feet out of window, wedding shoes, high heels, reflections, wedding dress, funny image, celebration, summer.

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090801 035 
 A bride looking out of a window on her wedding day. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride, waiting, monochrome, mirror, bouquets, wedding dress, window, celebration, summer.
100604 042 
 A prawn salad displayed on a white plate. 
 Keywords: Prawn salad, white plate, window sill, old building, cooking.
100604 043 
 A summer fruit pudding on a white plate. 
 Keywords: Dessert, Raspberry mousse, white plate, mullion window, fruit .
100604 046 
 Floral display at a wedding in a mullioned window. 
 Keywords: Wedding, flower display, mullion window, stained glass, celebration, ceremony.
100612 022 
 A bride descending a staircase holding her bouquet. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride descending staircase, celebration, summer, hotel, windows.
100612 071 
 A Bride stood on a staircase gazing out of the window. 
 Keywords: Wedding, bride on stairs, monochrome, ceremony, summer, celebration, dress, bouquet.
100731 015 
 Brides shoes sat on a window sill. 
 Keywords: Wedding Shoes on window sill, White, Silver, Heels.celebration, footwear, stiletto, slingback,
110408 055 
 A beautiful Church ceiling seen during a wedding. 
 Keywords: St Mary's Church, Banbury, Church interior, Religion, Church of England, Decorative ceiling, Congregation, wedding, pillars, lights, stained glass windows, fisheye lens.
110827 068 
 A very old wooden door with a Z shaped brace. 
 Keywords: Window shutter, Wood, monochrome, Wales, Historic, Z frame.
IMG 1177 
 China cups and saucer's stacked on a window sill. 
 Keywords: China cups, tea, drink, beverage, delicate, painted, artwork, pattern, tradition, stacked, saucer, glazed.tray, window.crockery.
IMG 2723 
 A flower display for a wedding in a mullion window. 
 Keywords: Flower display, Mullion window, old building, history, stained glass, wedding.
IMG 2773 
 A Hotel room set up for a wedding ceremony with seat covers and bows. 
 Keywords: Wedding ceremony, white chair covers, yellow ribbons, flower arrangement, mullion windows, historic building.

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